Why Sea Ray in Croatia?

Sea Ray Croatia

Every Sea Ray is designed with a passion for a distinctive experience on the water. The uniqueness of Sea Ray boats needs to be matched with the same passion for high class sales service and exclusive after sales-service. That’s why Nautika centar Nava is the authorized dealer for Sea Ray in Croatia since 2000. Nautika centar Nava was one of the first boating entrepreneurs on the Adriatic, since 1990, and is still one of the most influential Sea Ray partners.

If you are a boater looking for

  • outstanding design
  • precise craftsmanship of vessels
  • easy and simple performance
  • unparalleled after-sales service
  • thrilling boating experiences

then the Sea Ray brand is a perfect match for you.  It’s one of the world’s most awarded boat brands. Not only for quality and innovation but also for customer satisfaction.

We do the hard work

Make the best out of your new Sea Ray boat in Croatia. Buying a Sea Ray boat with Nava is a very special experience. You concentrate on planning your time on board and exploring the wonders of the Adriatic Sea and more than a thousand islands and Nava will do all the hard work:

  • paperwork
  • registration
  • insurance
  • after-sales service
  • service support

Just enjoy Croatia

Think of all the adventures you and your guests will enjoy while island hopping, cruising fantastic landscape and experiencing thrilling water-sport moments. The stunning blue waters and the excellent weather conditions make the perfect scenario for getting your friends on board. All the fun is ahead of you and your Sea Ray in Croatia.

Experience the exclusivity of Nava’s services and choose the perfect Sea Ray for yourself. Sea Ray takes the lead in innovation and is proud to bring the boater’s experience and lifestyle to new levels.

Read all the latest news on Sea Ray boats, select a Sea Ray boat in Croatia that fits your needs best, or request our assistance. We’d be happy to help!

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